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You must register for Sunday's event to attend the classes offered on Saturday & Monday.

Names will be verified.

If you DO NOT register for the event 

You MAY NOT attend the classes.

***Classes are an additional cost***
***Prices indicated below***

Classes offered:



Saturday, March 28, 2020 

Date: Saturday, 3/28/20


Cost: $130

Class time: 1:00PM-4:00PM

Educator:  Mary Ellon Ballance

Register today!  HERE


This will be a beginner to intermediate level class.  

Learn how to properly perform detailed cuticle work with your e-file.  The cost of the class will include a 3 piece diamond bit set.  We will go over the importance of e-files in the nail industry, e-file options, benefits of Dry-Manicuring, disinfection and care of your bits and e-file and finally how to finish your service with enVogue's Lac it! & Love it! Gel polish featuring the new spring collection.  The class will be taught by enVogue Master Educator, Mary Ellon Ballance.  Hope you can join us!

What to bring:

  • e-file if you have one

  • Towel and table set up

  • led light



Date: Saturday, 3/28/20


Cost: $99

Class time: 4:30PM-6:30PM

Educator:  CJ Murphy

Register today!  HERE

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Date: Monday, 3/30/20


Cost: FREE with required purchase

Class time: 10:30AM-1:30PM

Educator:  Michelle Davignon

To register, e-mail Marti:



Become a master IBX technician! In this three-hour certification  course, you will become an expert on how IBX can Strengthen, Repair and Protect the natural nail whether under gel polish, hard & soft gels, dip products, acrylics or just for plain natural nails! You will also learn more about the other amazing products from Famous Names! Here is what you will learn:



An in-depth understanding of IBX STRENGTHEN and IBX REPAIR. Discover the science that makes IBX a game-changing product for weak and damaged nails.


Marketing that will make IBX your new bestselling service.  Through examples and strategy discussion, you’ll learn how to perfectly introduce IBX to your customers, a gotta-have-it service.


A full and thorough explanation of HOW and WHY IBX works  inside the natural nail to Toughen that nail. Trouble Shooting  different kinds of nail problems  will be at the top of the list!


You will receive your IBX Certificate! By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and savvy to pass the IBX Exam with flying colors!



Purchase of the IBX Starter Kit ($75.00) is required for course registration. The class is FREE.

IBX Starter Kit Contains:

1 - IBX SYSTEM Duo Pack

1 - IBX BOOST Duo Pack 

1 – ½ oz. Dadi’Oil

6 – mini Dadi’s

2 - 1oz Cinnatize

1 - Luxury Dadi™ Lotion

2 -  1 oz. Dadi’ Scrub

•     Table Tent Card

•     Window Cling

•     Cinnatize Quick Reference Guide

•     Before/after Sheet

•     Look Book and FN Catalogue

•     IBX Quick Reference

•     IBX Boost Instructions



Premiering at the

FunFancy Nails Event- Rhode Island

Date: Monday, 3/30/20


Cost: $250 

Class time: 2:00PM-5:00PM

Educator:  Debra Bourque

Register today! 

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