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Monday workshop are at an additional cost***

Workshops on Monday,  3/14/22

Classes begin at noon

(Schedule subject to change)


Mastering the structured gel

The structured manicure is quickly becoming a welcome addition to the salon menu allowing you to offer another professional service to your clients. Learning how to structure to a weak nail with soft or hard gel along with advanced polishing techniques will help you support and protect your clients gel polish service for long lasting wear.

You must be registered to attend the event. 

You must also register and pay for the class here. NO REFUNDS

Cost: $100 

Educator:  Mary Ellon

To register: Click here


Cost: $150 (Kit & Certificate included)

Educator:  Madison

To register: Click here

Intro to Gel, Sculpting, and Shaping


Hello! Are you new to gel nails?

Well come join me as I demonstrate how to properly sculpt salon length nails and shape them for perfection! 

Here you will receive a full kit valued at $100, but it is highly encouraged to also bring your own gels you use in your salon or interested in using. 

In this class I am going to show you just how to make nails that last and how to soearegvyourself from the completion! And don’t worry, I’ll make it fun of course! 

Ticket to the MA retreat must be purchased to partake in this class. 

Vision gel Systems successful tech workshop

Certificate & kit included. Hard gel? Bottled Builder? Acry(poly) gel? Relax.... we've got you covered! A custom experience to help you improve your skills in gel. We will show you the techniques and change your game! After a brief overview of Vision Gel Systems HG, Bottled Builders, & Acry-gel.... you will have a custom hands-on class with the products you pick! Taught by Renee Westmoreland, a seasoned (old) tech, you can gain tips and tricks for success. Sample Kit included.

Cost: $100

Educator:  Renee

To register: Click here

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