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***These are the FREE 1-hour workshops on Saturday and Sunday 
You may attend one workshop per time frame per day
(Schedule subject to change)


Fluid art   (Saturday)

The class will cover working with Inks and bloom gel to create beautiful fluid art. Tips and tricks will be shared.

What to do with all your glitter   (Saturday)

We all have an abundance of glitter. In this workshop we will cover glitter fades, glitter placement, sugaring, and more.

Madison Jones

Social Media Marketing And Why You should join a yard sale!


Here you will learn the ins and outs of social media, and how can you make more attractive posts for your social networking structure. Trying to aim for a new crowd? Well let this class be your guide! 

Jimmygel, LexyLine, and You!   (Saturday)

Curious about the world of gel? Well let me take you into the world of Light Elegance and show you what all you need to know and differentiate so that you can make your services, smoother, quicker, and tailored for each and every client! Welcome to gel!

Madison Jones

Marble? I would love to!  (Sunday)

Have you seen marbles nails? Have you seen my marbles nails? Well dive into this fabulous enigma of color as I guide you through different techniques to achieve multiple marble nails so that your clients are always stunned! You won’t take this class for “granite”! 

Alcohol Ink or Booze Stainer?  (Sunday)

Welcome and how are you doing?! I’m todays works we are always trying to catch up on the latest and greatest, so for this one hour demo I wanna show you some fun techniques with alcohol inks so that you can do some show stopping designs to take home! Be sure to grab a seat, and leave your flasks at home! 


Fantasy Rose  (Sunday)

This workshop will show you how to build a large 3D rose that is light weight and flexible. Tips and tricks will be shared.

Structure  (Sunday)

An introduction to Wildflowers paste and build in a bottle

RussAnna Dudley

Nail your Gel manicure using Luxio   (Saturday & Sunday)
In this demo, I will go over proper prep of the nail and cuticle area to ensure long lasting wear. Then I will go step by step on the application process from base to top coat. This is a great class for those who are having lifting and peeling issues or a great
introductory class for those just getting started with gel polish or are wanting to learn about this Luxio Line.

Jessica White

Enhance your gel manicure using Trinity  (Saturday & Sunday)
Do your clients need more strength than your gel polish can give? Trinity 3in1 Hard gel is the perfect addition to your gel manicure. In this demo I will show you how Trinity functions as a base coat, overlay, extension and a top gloss and can be applied in a single step. Give your clients harder, long lasting gel manicures to brag about!

Mary Ellon Ballance
Just pick a brush...  (Saturday & Sunday)
So many brushes out there nail art brushes, detail brushes, sculpting, polishing, and the list goes on.  So let’s talk about how to pick the right brush to do exactly what you need to get the job done.  We will also go over how to take care of your brushes so they last.
Prep & Sculpt  (Saturday & Sunday)
This will be an intense lesson on how to properly prep a nail and apply a nail form to sculpt the perfect nail.  Using an e-file along with the correct bits will allow you to achieve strong adhesion. Next, proper placement of nail forms for sculpting is imperative to getting a long lasting nail extension. This class will include how to choose the perfect form, apply the form, and customize the form.
Rene Westmoreland

 "Simply Air" cordless airbrush system  (Saturday & Sunday)

Ombre like a pro! Easy, gel-air paints give a flawless finish. Be the best, use the best!

Simply Air" cordless airbrush system (Saturday & Sunday)

Stencils create beautiful nail  art with  ease. Learn what sets techs apart from the pack.

Paula Davies

Surviving Burnout to Rediscovering your passion...

(Saturday & Sunday)

Understanding how burnout developed in your career is the first step to preventing the continuation of the damage to your spirit. The second part of this class will cover proven techniques to reviving and restoring the passion for your career.

Re-train those clients...develop a dream clientele

(Saturday & Sunday)

Have you ever had a day your book is peppered with difficult clients? This class is full of proven formulas, new scripts and shared laughter.

Deb Schmidt
Intro to Nailchemy’s Aura Acrylic Gel   (Saturday & Sunday)
During this demo, you will learn how easy and fast it is to build an extension using either tips or sculpting forms, as well as perform an in-fill and product removal. Aura is not an acrylic nor a gel—it’s a hybrid system which combines the best of both worlds. It delivers strong, flexible, featherlight nails & is heavier than acrylic and gel filings, which means they fall to the table for virtually no airborne dust. It is odorless, making it a perfect fit for multi-service salons and spas. Because it cures like gel in just 60 seconds, it allows you to work as fast or as long as you want—the perfect product for the newbie or seasoned pro!
Nailchemy Fiber Gel Nail Extensions   (Saturday & Sunday)
Are you ready to offer your clients beautiful, long-lasting extensions applied at lightning speed? Come experience this new enhancement system live and in person (be sure have one bare nail for a demo). This product is a flexible, non-cracking formula that can be filled in and/or soaked off. Stop by to learn how you can effortlessly expand your service menu with this express full set option,
ultimately making more money & saving time!
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