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Meet and Greet

Meet the names who dynamically represent the companies showcasing.

These are  the educators who will be providing exceptional technique. 

Each has their uniqueness and experiences in the nail industry. 

Get acquainted and remember to say

"Hi and thank you for being present" when you see them!

Danalynn Stockwood 
FunFancy Nails Events

A strive for perfection, creativity and artistry are some of Danalynn's attributes. After several years working in accounting and administration, she decided to pursue a career as a Licensed Nail Technician. Her passion for nails began at a young age. She recalls placing large paper clips on the tip of her fingers, pretending they were long talons. Collecting polishes, constantly changing the hues on her nails and adding distinct nail art were one of her favorite pastimes.  With 15 years of experience, her nail art has been published in Nails Magazine & NailPro Magazine, as well as their websites. Danalynn enjoys meeting new clients, catching up with her current clients and mentoring newbie nail technicians.

Education & knowledge are most vital with keeping up in this industry. To continue with new trends and to become acclimated with new products, she enjoys attending Premiere Orlando, regularly takes nail educational classes and organizes the FunFancy Nails Events (Massachusetts & Rhode Island).​   Working Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week has been one of her favorite  endeavors. Danalynn enjoys educating fellow nail techs and is an ORLY Ambassador and a Xtens Master Rep. In 2017 she competed for the first time in Nailympia, and won in three categories. As she aspires to grow her brand, she currently owns FunFancy Nails Studio and is a nail art and supply distributor.

RussAnna Dudley
Wildflowers Academy

RussAnna Dudley is a nail artist from Georgia, USA, and has been licensed since 2016. 

From the beginning of her career she jumped into competing shortly after graduating from school. She contributes her success in the industry from the competition arena and not being afraid to try new things. RussAnna has won multiple awards from art to structure. The skills and knowledge that she has learned has fueled a passion for mentoring and educating. RussAnna is a Master Artist and Certifier with Wildflowers Nail Academy. She is the owner of a successful salon Simply Enchanted Nail Designs and travels around to nail schools mentoring the next generation.


Mary Ellen Ballance
Creative Ballance Inc.

Mary Ellon has over 22 years of experience in the nail industry and lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has owned and operated a salon for 18 years, and is currently a Master Educator of the en Vogue products and the owner of Creative Ballance Nail Supply & Education.

Her love for doing nails coupled with her passion to share her knowledge with others has lead her travel professionally working tradeshows, events and teaching classes. Mary Ellon specializes in gel application techniques.

She strives to grow her business and builds on the idea that “No matter how long you have been doing nails, if you think you know everything in this business, you’re done. Never walk away from an opportunity to learn!”

Jessica White

Jessica White graduated from nail school in 2013 with a gel brush in her hand.  After attending her first NW Nail Retreat, while in school, she decided to put the acrylic brush down and focus only on working with gel. Jessica found out about Akzentz brand when she took a class from Jessica Briarmoon at the NW Nail Retreat. She fell in love with Akzentz after learning how easy it was to apply and how well it lasted.  Jessica has been using the brand ever since and in 2016 she joined Jessica Briarmoon at her new shop Luvnailz in Bothell, WA where her skills greatly improved under the mentorship of Jessica Briarmoon. In 2017 Jessica became an Educator for Akzentz to pass on her knowledge of the brand and help others learn and succeed with gel. In the Summer of 2018 Jessica relocated with her family to Maine where she had to start over as a gel tech in a state full of Acrylic.  With a lot of patience, persistence,  and trial and error, Jessica has finally gained a successful clientele of gel clients in her new home town where she can continue to share her joy and love of gel with new clientele.   Jessica continues to learn and grow as a tech every year and can't wait to see what the future holds for her in this amazing industry.  Follow her on social media..

Paula Marie Davies
All that Glitters

Paula Marie Davies has been in the nail industry for thirty years, where she still owns, operates and creates beautiful nails in Swannanoa, North Carolina.  In this time, she has worked and studied with the top educators/influencers, to perfect her true love and passion.

Paula is not only a Trailblazer but an Industry Leader and Educator mentoring both to new and experienced beauty professionals.

Continuing to not only run her own salon she would go on to opening pedicure clinics in Nursing homes for medically compromised seniors.

Now, following her passion to educate through speaking and teaching at Trade Shows ,Networking Nail Events and teaching probably the most informative classes you can experience in growing your business.

Whether you’re a newbie in the nail industry  or further into a career facing burnout, learn the tried and true techniques to take your business to the next level.

Madison Jones 
Southernly Sweet Nails
Madison Jones is one of kind to our industry as he is a newcomer who has fought and conquered his way to the top of the line with well known industry professionals. With just 4 years of a solid foundation, Madison brings new energy and unmatched positivity that inspires and captivates with his designs and elements. As a published artist he has been featured in magazines and even billboards across New York. Known for his signature style, Madison’s work is constantly motivating and inspiring new nail technicians from state to state and across the seas. As a brand ambassador for Light Elegance and with his new clientele as a celebrity nail artist, Madison’s constant drive to network and give back to the industry has cemented him as a leading figure to help others and make sure we are all equal and that we deserve to learn and prosper to achieve anything. 
Renee Westmoreland 
Nail Flight USA

Renee Westmoreland has been in the industry over 30 years. Educating in the 80's for Buffalo dental drill mfg. and at Nails magazine shows.

Owner of her own salon and a full time tech,  she maintains a clientele of her own. Renee has a desire to mentor new and struggling techs so that they can become passionate and confident. Nail Flight is a grassroots company for techs by techs providing the best products in the business equipping you for success.

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