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To build a nail community

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

As a licensed nail tech in Massachusetts, the New England area lacked a nail event which consisted of networking, product demonstrations and an intimate setting where professionals could congregate and talk about their love of nails.

Welcome! My name is Danalynn Stockwood. I'm the organizer of the FunFancy Nails Events.

“Make no apologies for setting high standards.”

In 2016 I decided to organize a nails only event for licensed professionals in Massachusetts. An event where the industry could be elevated and respected.

Where only those who were licensed could attend.

Thus the creation of the Massachusetts Nail Networking Expo.

My passion...nails and networking. Throughout the 13 years in this ever evolving profession, I've had the pleasure of meeting many in the industry. Company owners and educators such as Linda Nordstrom from #famousnames, Traci & Ami from #ProfilesBackstage, Darcy Olin from #lightelegance and Gina Silvestri from #akzentz to name a few. I love listening to the why and how nail professionals have elevated themselves in this nail world. So many people to share with and learn from.

What we all have in common is a passion for nails and the industry as a whole. I love being able to create the atmosphere for fellow beauty professionals to connect & re-connect with others, learn a new technique, purchase a trending product, and/or be able to troubleshoot technique.

Thank you to all who have attended and continue to attend. Learning is always ongoing.

I am happy to provide the platform.

Artistic Regards,


Leave a comment below letting me know why you adore your profession.

Would love to read your story!

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